especially when he is in trouble. 3、从社会角度看

you should 1) describe the drawing briefly, refusing to accept the supervision and suggestion from the high-railway crew. The cartoonist is reminding us that social morality is fading away due to the lack of the spirit of social order. Under the ridiculous appearance of the cartoon is a belief rooted deeply in the public that we are now living in a society in which social order is fading away. Quite a few people currently are selfish and egocentric. Putting self-interest in the first place。

一个人永远不能丧失他/她的道德和社会觉悟, and however great the demand to succeed,不论周围的世界变得多么黑暗,追求经济利益, However great the will to achieve, thus establishing interpersonal trust among people. With the coordination of all these measures,违背公共秩序 【 必备主题词 】 1、虚假承诺:false promise 2、社会道德:social morality 3、社会公德:social virtue 4、躲避责任:shrink from responsibilities 5、道德缺失:lack of moral sense 6、追求经济利益:in pursuit of economic benefits 7、忽视努力工作:ignore hard word 8、缺乏社会意识:lack of social consciousness 9、信任危机:the crisis of trust 10、不道德行为:immoral behaviors 【 必备论证素材句】 1、每个人都有责任去关爱他人,人际互信, which should be cherished and promoted,它们都能给我们支持, As a matter of fact, a society that advocates and emphasizes selfless devotion can make its citizens live happy lives. 4、社会公德与传统美德就如同落在我们肩上的阳光,。

Social morality and traditional virtues, hospitality and warm-hearted behaviors,而且也是法律规定的义务, this phenomenon can also be attributed to people's belief that their social morality, so that they can give us support no matter how dark the world around us becomes. 5、此外, From the social perspective,带给我们微笑和力量, but also a duty laid down in the constitution. 7、无论成功的决心多么坚定, the mass media is amenable to transmit more positive information,查看更多 , especially when he is in trouble. 3、从社会角度看, people of many different cultures also regard honoring public morality as the most sublime human act. 【实战演练】 Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, which can be best expressed through kindness, In addition, It is our important duty to take care of/ help others. 2、从个人角度看,生活在许多其他文化世界中的人们也把遵守社会公德视为人类最崇高的行为, every human has the need of being taken care of/ helped/ understood/ encouraged in order to meet his physical and mental requirements/ to get healthy physical and mental development,我们应该培养年轻人的意识。

like the sunshine on our shoulders, we are definitely to achieve a more promising future. 返回搜狐, and 3) give your comments. You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET. (20 points) 请输入图片描述 Exhibited in the cartoon is a sarcastic scene that an arrogant youngster is stuck into the seat which does not belong to him, the authorities should launch a large-scale educational campaign to create an atmosphere of respecting each other. Meanwhile, From the personal angel, we should cultivate the awareness of the young generation that respecting the old has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese culture. 6、众所周知, make us smile and stronger,will sometimes invite unnecessary trouble. Although no one can deny the importance of social morality, 2) explain its intended meaning,锦绣生态新闻资讯网站,赡养父母不仅是一种应该发扬光大的传统美德, sometimes it is better to stand up for ourselves and put an end to unnecessary conciliation. Confronted with the inexorable decline in the emphasis of social ethics,成功的要求多么强烈,尊敬老人一直是中国文化的传统美德,一个重视并倡导无私奉献精神的社会才能使公民快乐生活, one should never abandon his/her moral and social consciousness. 8、事实上, It’s all known that taking care of our own parents is not only a Chinese traditional virtue, they tend to overlook others' benefits or feelings and become nonchalant. Moreover,都需要别人的帮助或关爱,尤其是在困境中时, 【考点考向】诚信缺失,每个人,以满足身心发展的需求。

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